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To Peggy and the Griffin Team:

A Testimonial To Your Integrity, Kindness, and Smarts

Liquidating an estate all at one time, in a rush, is not an easy thing to do. BUT that's what often happens to families when a parent dies, or illness whisks them to assisted living, or to a nursing home. One has to have a fire-sale: a going-out-of-business clearance close-out. Quickly, amid sadness.

My mother was an antiques dealer with a wonderful eye, who had become a hoarder with the onset of dementia. Her house was crammed, with hardly space to walk between the piles. There was precious vintage jewelry stuffed in Kleenex boxes, wads of cash among the stationary, 300-year-old Chinese relics perched atop the rubble from the local dollar-store.

I interviewed several estate sale companies. Then came Peggy. She didn't make big promises. She explained the benefits of a professional staff. She assured me that she'd try hard. She didn't have to promise she'd be honest. I felt that. She is the kind of person who is honest in the marrow of her bones.

It was miraculous when I came to see the staging of the house. My mother's geriatric environmental chaos had become an alluring spectacle of precious potpourri. Peggy's staff were simply great: warm-hearted, handling the objects with respect and an intelligent eye for value. I knew enough to know that Ken the appraiser was top-notch. (Since I'd been around the business all my life and lectured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.)

The onslaught of competing bargain-seekers was deftly controlled by Peggy's sales corps who were savvy, polite, firm. By the weekend's end, we had realized about 60% of what I'd hoped for. So Peggy ran a second sale. After that, she brought in other antique dealers, one by one across a month. My brother was amazed at the final tally. We'd exceeded the projections of any of the other companies I'd interviewed.

In retrospect, I realized that the liquidation of my mother's independent life was an important emotional passage. A journey that was brightened by Peggy and her team of pros who brought a friendly laughing light on days when it was cloudy in my soul.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Tony Tung


Dear Peggy,

Alan and I are beginning to settle in our new home in the UK after lots of unpacking and shopping.  I wanted to thank you so much for all your help at the estate sale at our home before we left. You and your crew did an amazing job.  We were both very impressed with your efficiency and friendliness.  Everyone pulled together and in no time had everything set up and ready to go.  We will probably never know all the work that went on behind the scenes with advertising and organizing that made it run so smoothly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and your people to anyone in our situation, needing to downsize and sell off their belongings.  We both wish you all the best in the future and can't wait to see you across the pond - the guest room is ready!


Judy M



​Just a note to say THANKS FOR A GREAT JOB!! Our estate sale went perfectly. 

​You and your staff were great, very professional, and helpful to the buyers plus you knew the inventory.

The set up was attractive, logically arranged and not just a lot of stuff thrown on tables. 

It was much better than I’ve seen at other sales. I would highly recommend your services to anybody.

Once again thank you, you made our move much easier. 

 Peter Komelski


I would highly recommend the incredible team from Griffin Estate Sales. Peggy and her crew are fantastic to work with. I had the pleasure of working with her and her crew on a very extensive estate liquidation in Staten Island  and I was truly amazed at the extent of their knowledge from glassware to furniture and so much more. Peggy remained sensitive to the situation, and to the overall needs of the clients. My experience with Griffin Estates was nothing short of wonderful. We were liquidating a house that had been in the family for over 100 years. 

She understood how difficult it was for us all.

I would recommend Griffin Estate Sales to anyone needing this type of service, they were excellent.

With all best wishes,

Gregory Stewart


Dear Peggy,

Thank you for the wonderful job in executing my recent barn sale. Your guidance from beginning to end was invaluable in producing a successful event. The multiple preliminary visits you made to assess, evaluate and price the wide range of items I had for sale…from tools and general household things to furniture and paintings…helped set the stage for a well-prepared opening morning. You and your team were present throughout the entire three-day event to monitor, assist and ensure that items were accounted for and that sales were handled in a professional manner, all to maximize profitable results. And your advertising and promotion ensured that we had customers from the moment we opened. I couldn’t have asked for a better barn/estate sale experience. Many thanks for making an overwhelming task less stressful, and some fun, too. It is sincerely appreciated.

 Very truly yours,

 Athena Arvan


Hi Peggy,

Thanks again for providing services, running the estate sale for me. All of your folks were just super in making the sale a success. Let them know that all of their efforts are appreciated. This is an Estate Sales / Professional Liquidation company. I contracted with this vendor from a referral. Griffin provides an excellent service assisting the client on all aspects of performing an estate sale. Griffin provides advertising, signage, sales people, pricing of items and set up as needed.

Griffin Estate Sales was fantastic in running an estate sale for me. Peggy was super in coordinating all aspects of the sale, including advertising, set up, pricing of items and providing several sales people to handle the sales. This was an estate sale that was held over the course of three days in mid February. There were dozens of people lined up at the start of the sale due to the following that Griffin has and the advertising that was conducted. Peggy and her sale force worked extremely hard prior to the sale to set up tables, source pricing on unusual items, tagging items and organizing shopper flow. I definitely recommend Griffin to anyone that needs to liquidate an estate or organize a large garage / tag sale.

Best Regards,

Dennis Arnold


Peggy and the Griffin Estates Team -

Thank you very much for conducting the sale of my parents items.  You and your team were absolutely wonderful and conveyed nothing but professionalism during the duration of the event.  Your team was able to take an amazing quantity of items and display them neatly and organized, creating a very nice environment for shopping and buying.

Everyone on your team was exceedingly compassionate and understanding; they were able to take a very difficult situation and make it bearable.  You especially were extremely understanding and knew the emotional toll the event would have, you helped me through a very tough time and I am grateful for everything.

Griffin Estate Sales, owned and managed by Peggy, is an exceptional company, extremely well-versed in a myriad of items/categories, capable of advertising to a very wide audience, they will keep you informed throughout the process, they will handle your items with care, and they are able to "get the job done."

Thank you again for everything.

Sincerely -

Kristel S.